Develop an Innovative & Sustainable SBA and USDA Platform

without hiring staff or incurring capital expenditures


An innovative SBA and USDA Strategy


Borrowers customized SBA and USDA Loan Solutions


The guarantee from the US Federal Government


The administrative burden of SBA and USDA Lending


Significant fee income

Explore The World of SBA Lending With The SBA Atlas

Build you own customized SBA loan data dashboards, empowering you to develop a better SBA lending strategy

The Nation’s Leading Lender Service Provider

With more than 150 years of cumulative in-house SBA 7(a) and USDA experience, cutting edge systems and rigid controls, the team at Windsor Advantage is uniquely qualified as a lender service provider to support its clients to develop and execute thoughtful and comprehensive SBA and USDA lending programs.

90+ Lenders

In 40 States with $50 billion in capital

$2+ Billion

In funded SBA and USDA loans since 2010


SOC I Type II Since 2010


Subject to examination under the FFIEC

Grow your loan portfolio through a comprehensive outsourced SBA and USDA platform

Enabling Lenders Across The Country to Offer The Benefits of SBA & USDA Lending To Their Borrowers

Recent News & Blogs

Windsor Advantage covers SBA and USDA market topics in our content library:

10 Lesser-Known SOP Changes

There has been ample discussion in the SBA space about the widespread changes implemented by the new SOP 50 10 7, effective August 1, 2023.  Most people have heard of the “do what you do” concept, allowing for partial changes of ownership, updates to the equity injection source and verification,

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“Do What You Do”: Adapting to the 2023 SBA SOP Changes

The new SBA SOP 50 10 7 raised several questions surrounding the concept of applying to SBA loans the policies lenders would follow for “similarly-sized, non-SBA guaranteed commercial loans”.  The SBA has continued to expand what is referred to as the “do what you do” concept to give lenders more flexibility

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New 2023 SBA Procedural Notices: Key Takeaways for Lenders

UPDATED: May 19, 2023 for SBA’s Delayed Implementation of Removal of SBA Authorization. Windsor Advantage will continue updating this article with the latest changes as they are announced. In early May the SBA released two procedural notices (SBA Procedural Notices 5000-846607 and 5000-846991) in anticipation of the latest SBA SOP

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Latest SBA Procedural Notices

windsor benefits

The Benefits

Windsor provides Lenders the resources to expand product offerings and reduce risk, while increasing profitability.

sba and usda programs

SBA & USDA Programs

Windsor provides institutions with a comprehensive solution to participate efficiently and effectively in all SBA 7(a) and USDA sub-programs.

The Company

Windsor staff have more than 150 years of cumulative SBA and USDA experience as both lender service providers and lenders.

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